Unusual Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Bubbles Are Great Entertainment!

Our goal, when producing bubbles for an unusual wedding entertainment is to lift your special moment to a higher level, touch peoples’ hearts and make it especially memorable!  

Weddings are always vying to be better than the last.  So unusual wedding entertainment ideas are always welcome.  For a spiritual ’lift’ to your wedding proceedings, have you thought about clouds of Bubbles? Or the ever popular Giant Bubbles, all types of bubbles are absolutely made for romantic photos!  As bubbles rise to the sky, brilliantly reflecting the light, a spiritual significance lends romance to your event as well as an amazing photo opportunity for family and friends and the wedding couple.  From Paris Bubbles, giant clouds of bubbles can be floating gloriously past your guests, a backdrop for your first kiss, our eco-friendly bubbles leave no trace on the environment, and everyone loves the magic of bubbles, young or old.

Great Memories are Made - With Magical Bubbles at Weddings

Yes, when it comes to unusual wedding entertainment, bubbles in all their various forms, will make the most of your occasion adding beauty and a sense of fun, that your guests will be talking about for a long time. 

Paris Bubbles started (of course) in Paris, and our magical bubble shows offer opportunities for unusual wedding entertainment as well as a variety of levels of bubble entertainment at any event, which can be switched up, or down, according to the venue.  For an unusual wedding entertainment we combine many elements of our stage shows, including tricks, smoke in a bubble, guests in a bubble, and of course the bubbly backdrop to romantic moments for the bride and groom in your personal photos. 

Elements of our sensory workshops can also be offered to keep children busy during the speeches, and our bubble entertainer can walk around the tables, showing off their incredible tricks close-up to guests.  Wedding guests often like to have a go themselves and we are happy to offer this too. 

As well as unusual wedding entertainment you can attend our theatre shows in many languages, which we perform all over the World.  Wedding celebrations, birthday celebrations with bubbles, even funeral services, the magic and quiet beauty of bubbles serves to emphasise the fragility as well as the beauty of life, representing spirituality as well as the meaningfulness of the event. 

Unusual Wedding Entertainment for Your Big Day

If you are interested in having bubbles as an unusual wedding entertainment at your big day, please contact Paris Bubbles for a quote well in advance.  Our bubble show in all its various forms for weddings and family events does not require very much setting up time, unless it is an extremely large venue.  Bubble masters are very good at getting the audience involved, chatting to large groups or visiting people in quiet corners who would like a more personal bubble show.  So everyone, from all the kids at once, to grandma or a visitor with special needs, will have their bubble entertainment tailored especially for them.

We are able to travel anywhere to produce our bubble shows for unusual wedding entertainment and often if we can combine two or more events in the same area, our travel costs can be reduced.  However, if costs or distance are too much, may we suggest that you visit our shop?  Our bubble concentrate and equipment can be supplied for you to make your own bubble entertainment, at any time, weddings or not.  Visit our shop, to make a purchase.