Unexpected wedding entertainment

Its your Wedding day - so do the Unexpected! 

When your wedding guests show up, how about treating them to an Art form; something completely unexpected - something completely different, beautiful, eco-friendly, and fun?!  Paris Bubbles is the company to turn to.  When it comes to wedding photos, it is hard to beat a spray of effervescent bubbles behind personal moments such as the happy couple’s first romantic kiss, or a huge outdoor cloud of bubbles billowing behind the whole wedding party, or groups in an ever-popular giant bubble, will boost your wedding pictures to spectacular and unusual heights.  Not only that, the joyful bubbles give your photographic album memories and that something different to other wedding photos, as you start your journey together. 

Paris Bubbles - for that unexpected wedding entertainment! 

And if you want bubbles, we can help!  Our bubble entertainers can produce all kinds of unexpected bubble magic at your wedding, from enhancing your family photos to providing a variety of bubble entertainment during waiting times, to individual bubble tricks at tables, to entertaining the children with a separate bubble ’science’ experiment, with hands-on fun and learning.  As a side entertainment or amazing showstopper, our bubbles make for unexpected wedding entertainment, with incredible tricks at close quarters to guests, or a breathtaking wedding inspired performance with dramatic lighting, fire and smoke, to keep everyone engaged during the meal or before the dancing.  The unexpected allure of bubbles is a great entertainment as well as an education that  can appeal to any age, any level of learning.  In fact, we also perform to SEND schools, as well as weddings and other family events.

Bubbles are always entertaining at any event...

As well as the beauty of life, and the spiritual significance of bubbles rising to the sky, bubbles have many layers of significance at special events, but they are always fascinating, and always a crowd-pleaser.  In a sense, bubbles can be whatever you want them to be, and we can switch the entertainment up or down, drawing from our vast repertoire of bubble tricks, developed from the bubble performances that we offer to the public, for instance at our show every year in Germany where we bring our whole team together, which is performed to thousands of people every day.  However, we are happy to perform bubble entertainment for smaller events, parties, corporate events, celebrations indoors and out, as well as large ones!  

Paris Bubbles started, as the name suggests, in Paris and we can now perform all over the World, in practially any language.  As well as providing unusual and unexpected wedding entertainments, we can brighten up birthday celebrations, and even at funeral services, where bubbles quietly bring a sense of the fragility of life, as well as hope for those left behind.  Bubbles are an eco-friendly entertainment; we only need a small area to set up, and bring our environment-friendly bubble liquid concentrate with us, and various bubble making equipment, which does not require long to get ready for an event such as a wedding.  For our big stage shows we take a couple of days to ensure that sound and lighting are hitting the spot, but our flexible and unexpected wedding entertainment tricks and effects, with all kinds of bubbles, can be ready in minutes and move around your venue with ease.

Bubbles at Weddings, and afterwards at home....

Should your guests wish to have a go at their own bubble making, when they get home, we are also able to take orders for the concentrate and the bubble making wands, lines etc.  Visit our shop, to browse and make a purchase and have your own bubble fun at home later on.  We are happy for you to make your own bubble magic and our tools and bubble concentrate are easy and safe to use. So in a nutshell, call Paris Bubbles for unexpected wedding entertainment?  We can tailor a quote, just for you!