Spiritual Bubbles

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Spiritual Bubbles

16th April 2022

Spirits Rise With Bubbles....

The airy wafting of bubbles into the sky lends a spiritual significance to many special occasions, and increasingly often, Faith gatherings.  Not just weddings, people are bringing bubbles into other memorable moments, such as family parties, anniversaries, and increasingly, funerals. 

Bubbles symbolise the end of an era, and the birth of a new Spiritual awakening.  For some, they also remind us of the fragility of life, in the Eternal scheme of things.

Spiritual Bubbles

We’ve brought the fun and magic of our bubbles to Bar Mitzvahs, 50th Birthday celebrations, Silver and Golden Anniversaries.

But at a funeral, the beauty of bubbles visually signifies the release of the Spirit as nothing else.  As the music plays, a gentle cloud of bubbles rising to the Heavens, popping and disappearing into the higher atmosphere, symbolises the departure of the Soul from its earthly home in a beautiful and peaceful way, especially when there are children present, it helps parents to explain the circle of Life to children present in a visual way and leaves them with a sense of hope even on a serious occasion.

Our Bubble Experts can tailor their bubbles discreetly to enhance the departing of a loved one, with sensitivity to the feelings of the moment, allowing children and adults to share the moment by making, and releasing, their own bubbles into the air.