Corporate Entertainment

Corporate Entertainment

Thank you for bringing your bubbles to our VW festival. It brought lots of people to our Stall!


Corporate Entertainment

Get People’s Attention - With Bubbles! 

When you want to advertise your company, giant bubble displays draw an interested crowd like no other.  Use bubbles to draw attention at corporate advertising, promotional events, festivals.  Take a look at our Gallery examples here.

Mixing many of our elements from our stunning stage shows, at corporate events and parties such as the office Christmas party bubbly entertainment brings a Champagne boost to the proceedings.

  • A bubble show at your stall
  • walkabout around your dinner guests
  • 5-10 minutes of bubble tricks for each table
  • giant bubbles and marvellous bubble effects
  • roaming amongst the crowd
  • stationary giant bubble sculptures. 

A Cloud of Bubbles Brings Crowds To Your Event!

Our bubble magicians  can offer a completely tailored bubble experience performing amazing bubble tricks for individuals and/or provide a magical show with the most incredible bubble displays.  Bubbles create lots of interest at public events; children bring parents along, then the bubble tricks and displays keep the kids occupied, while you talk to parents uninterrupted.

Your company logo can be incorporated into the display - astound your guests with the power of bubbles! 

Shows last for an hour or two (or more), and prices vary according to the distance travelled, as well as other factors.