Bubble Performers

Looking for Bubble Performers for an Event?

Our bubble performers first began their amazing act in Paris, and now provide fantastic bubble shows throughout the World in many different languages. We hold a spectacular bubble show yearly, on a big stage in the German Science Festival, which is growing in size every year!  Bubble performances can be as large or as intimate as you like, but at these shows we sell 60 tickets a day and are looking to do four shows a day at the next event!  Have a look at our Gallery, to see the amazing visual effects that our bubbles create.  We make bubbles, the audience takes away memories!

Our shows are mainly visual and musical and we are able to translate them into any language apart from the usual German, English, French etc.  We have minimal equipment, and we can normally set up within an hour for any smaller venue, however for very large shows we will arrive a few days before, to set up and make sure that our final show is perfect, checking lights, humidity and the local conditions, such as prevailing wind, etc, which can all make a difference to the final effect. 

Bubble Performers - Perfect for Any Size Gathering

For smaller groups, such as school groups, we can also offer a pared down version of our large stage show, together with Science ’lessons’ and hands-on experiences, where groups of people can get right into a bubble, and learn to create amazing bubbles and bubble effects, themselves.  We can have all your children running for two hours after bubbles, or offer quiet bubble times for SEND children, individually tailored for their own special needs.

Once people have seen our amazing bubble performers the fun does not need to stop!  Check out our shop for a selection of bubble concentrates and tools to make the exciting bubbles for yourself. 

STEAM stands for Science, Tech, Engineering and Mathematics!

The STEAM show is one of our most astonishing bubble performers productions.  Our bubble performers work with smoke and steam, exploding bubbles with flammable gases, all of which creates an exciting spectacle on the stage.  Our bubble performers are able to make our audiences gasp in amazement as well as imparting intriguing insights during the performance, regarding water molecules, air, surface tension, the effects of humidity, gas pressure, oil on bubbles, and why bubbles eventually pop.  Did you know that Glycerin is a major constituent in bubble making?  

So if you would like to contact professional bubble performers to provide the entertainment at your event, be it a festival, a show, a wedding, a Christening, even a funeral (where bubbles are becoming an increasingly frequent request) please contact us on 07782 346 370 or info@parisbubbles.co.uk 

Our bubble performers are at your service with an environmentally friendly show that leaves no footprint, mess or waste!  Costs may vary according to the distance travelled but if we are able to do a few shows at or around a venue, the costs will be accordingly reduced.