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Bubble Performer

Bubble Performer

30th March 2022

Our spectacular bubbles at the yearly show at a Science Festival in Germany is getting bigger and bigger every year!  

Over the last few years, our stage shows have been getting more fantastic and popular, drawing huge crowds of thousands every day! 

Our once a year Bubble Science Show in Germany features 27 shows in 9 days with an audience of 5000 over 9 days.  We sell 600 tickets a day and will be upping to 4 shows a day in 2022.  So that will be 7000 tickets this year and the bubble performer can do the show in any language you like, German, French, English or any language you want - the show is live on a big stage in the Science Centre.

Bubble performances can be as big as you like, with one or more bubble performers.  In the auditorium with lights, music and of course our continuous introductions and patter in German (or whatever language of the country we happen to be in) is an all round family entertainment.  As a bubble performer our equipment is fairly minimal but in such a large show we take a couple of days beforehand to set up and check the effects of our bubble tricks with the lighting, humidity and local conditions, draughts, etc. 

The stage show in theatres and science centres is a full prodiuction lasting approximately 1 hour with music - its a Science based show thats fun as well! As our bubble performers blow bubbles we can impart learning and knowledge about the science of soapy bubbles, about air, water molecules, surface tension, gas pressure, the effects of humidity, soap and the effects of oil on bubbles (why bubbles pop) how Glycerin is used in bubble making, and give the audience lots of ideas so the kids can make their own fun at home with bubbles.


Our STEAM shows are very exciting - our bubble performers work with steam, smoke, helium, flammable gases, exploding bubbles, which create some spectacular effects on the stage.  

As always active encouragement of audience participation gets people involved in making their own big bubbles on the stage. As bubble performers, we love to make our audiences gasp with amazement!