Bubble Magicians

Are you looking for Bubble Magicians for an Event?

If you are looking for something different; not run of the mill entertainment, our Bubble Magicians really make a magical entrance, that’s totally flexible for your needs.  So contact us to provide fantastic bubbles at any party, wedding, corporate or private event. 

bubble magicians

Professional Magicians Create a Bubble Spectacular!

Our professional Bubble Magicians can tailor a fabulous show for you, making memories as they blow their famous bubbles making astonishing shapes, colours, and patterns, into the air at any venue, indoors or out!  Massive clouds of bubbles can be quickly produced wherever you want, at a Festival, bubbles within bubbles - even people within bubbles, we can get a whole group of friends in a bubble!  We create clouds of smoke filled bubbles - the beauty of bubbles continues to fascinate and amaze, and our Bubble Magicians know how to make an enraptured audience go ’OOOOh!’

World Famous Bubble Shows

Our shows have been performed all over the World in many different languages.  We do a special international show in Germany every year, with an ever-growing audience of thousands, performing many times a day! This show, complete with smoke, steam, lights and commentary in the local language, has an amazing atmosphere all of its own and has got bigger every year!  Our Bubble artistes create cubes, chains, carousels of bubbles, and for corporate entertainment, we can even recreate your corporate logo.  Bubbles are visible from afar, therefore at corporate events, bubble magicians can quickly draw a crowd of interested observers - to make sure that you get visitors to your stall. 

Bubble Magicians are Fabulous Entertainment!

A bubble Show is perfect for major or minor venues, as we design our performances at each entertainment to your individual needs.  Our Bubble Magicians can perform at weddings, providing a cloud of romantic bubbles as a background to your photographs, wafting over the guests and offering entertainment with hands-on activities for children, or individual bubble tricks at each dinner table to delight your guests.  We also specialise in school groups, fetes, and SEND school activities, where the bubble magic is either created with an entire year groups up to 60 children at once, or a quiet and magical personal moment for a child with special needs to marvel at the beauty of bubbles just for them alone.  We add some Science to the Bubbles - which we call Bubbleology!  So your kids will learn amazing facts while watching the show. 

If you would like our Paris Bubble Magicians to provide eco-friendly and fun entertainment, with no fuss and no mess left behind us, call us and we can devise a show that will exactly match your needs, so give us a call for a quote.  If there are other opportunities for bubble shows at the same time in your area, then the price can be reduced, as travel costs will vary accordingly.

If you would like to copy our bubbles after the event, having been inspired to make your own, by the exciting tricks our Bubble Magicians create, then visit our shop to buy the very same own bubble mixture that we use, and bubble equipment, and create your own bubble magic!