Bubble Entertainment for Birthday Parties

Are you looking for something unusual for birthday celebration?  Bubble entertainment for birthday parties is growing in popularity, so if you are looking for something different, exciting and fun, contact Paris Bubbles and we can give you a quote for a visit to your area.  Children adore bubbles, and also adults.  Bubbleology is a totally versatile and eco-friendly entertainment!

Physics, Fun, and Bubble Entertainment

We love to bring many elements of our astonishing stage show productions to our clients’ party venues to provide a lively mix of entertainment for all ages and Nationalities.  We can provide our show in any language, and deliver entertainment all over the UK and Europe, indoors or out, in large venues or small, bubble entertainment can bring your party to life.  We do a bubble entertainment that lasts up to two hours, and bubble entertainment is extremely versatile, does not leave a trace afterwards, and we don’t have to bring lots of equipment; just our bubble mixture and tools.  Our bubblelologists will switch the show up or down, depending on the mood or age range of the audience.

When it comes to exciting, and innovative ideas for birthday parties, where everyone can get involved, at any age Bubble entertainment certainly fits the bill Contact us, to get in touch for a quote!

Paris Bubbles offer tailored packages of Bubble entertainment for birthday parties - we can tailor our performances for your event, as any of our show pieces that we perform at various places, such as parties, exhibitions, shows, fetes and garden parties can be made larger or smaller to fit your needs, and matched to the size of your audience.  Bubble entertainment is also suitable for public events, garden parties, weddings, where bubbles can be a side event alongside the main festivities but also even funerals, where the spiritual significance of the bubbles rising to the sky is a charming reminder that the Spirit lives on.

Paris Bubbles provide fantastic Bubble entertainment for birthday parties 

If you have a school event or a Science day at your school, bubble entertainment that we do for birthday parties can be presented in a more formal way.  We present a bubble show, and explain about the Science behind the soapy bubble creation, about surface tension, why the rainbow colours are present, how chemists discovered the optimum mixture for blowing giant bubbles, why bubbles stick together, and all the other intriguing answers to the random questions that people like to ask!  We can get as detailed as you like about polymers, how fast the jet of air needs to be to get a big bubble...so you get a Physics lesson as well as a really entertaining show!

If you are unable to book a bubblelologist to provide mind-blowing bubble entertainment for birthday parties take a look at our shop, where you can purchase your own bubble mixture and a selection of our special tools for creating different types of bubbles, to make your own bubble entertainment for your party.