Bubble entertainment for Bar Mitzvahs

Are you celebrating a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah?

Bubble entertainment is getting more popular now than ever before, and what better way to bring some fun to the coming of age ceremony for your child’s Bar Mitzvah (or Bat Mitzvah) than a Bubble Display?  Bubble entertainment is ecologically friendly,and a peaceful way of entertaining your guests bringing a zingy lightness to the festivities and fun for adults and children alike.

Add Some Bubble Entertainment for your Bar Mitzvah Celebration!

Parties are always brightened by our visiting bubble experts providing the best in bubble entertainment for Bar Mitzvah celebrations, weddings, and many other occasions.  Contact us for a quote for your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, and our specialists can present a display or work anywhere in the World, in many different languages.  

Paris Bubbles know how to keep viewers engaged and entertained throughout the performance, with unexpected and unique acts that can involve audience participation, and always bring fun and engagement.  If there is a lull in the proceedings at your Bar Mitzvah, ask your bubbleologist to fill the gap, or fill the background of photos with bubbles, or entertain the kids for a while outside or indoors.  Bubbles are versatile and very entertaining for a wide range of ages, interests and tastes.

Bubble Entertainment Tailored for You

You can have a tailored Bubble entertainment for your Bar Mitzvah at any kind of event; our stage shows provide the inspiration for many of our bubble presentations, and we can tailor the fun up or down depending on the situation, the number of guests, and the venue.  So, if you want to have a bubble corner for the children, or a bubble entertainer doing the rounds at the tables during lunch or dinner, or a spectacular bubble display act, call our Bubbleologists for a quote!

We Do Bespoke Bubble Shows Worldwide!

As well as creating fantastic bubble entertainment for Bar Mitzvah celebrations our bubble experts build bespoke shows for weddings, corporate events, schools, SEND groups as well.  We offer informative Scientific shows, and can provide the dramatic at festivals, pop concerts, and can do the rounds of schools, fetes and garden parties in the summer.  If you have a business launch, call our bubbleolologists to brighten the proceedings.  Bubbles are a great crowd gatherer, so if you are competing with other businesses at a corporate show, we use the beauty of bubbles to draw a crowd, then you can hit them with your promotion!

Clean, Environmentally Friendly Entertainment

Bubbles are friendly to the environment and leave no mess.  All we need to bring for our act, when it comes to bubble entertainment for your Bar Mitzvah, is our bubbleologist and our magical box of tricks; specialist bubble liquids, and our bubble gadgets to make amazing shapes and colours, smoke filled bubbles, giant bubbles, strings of bubbles, and more!  We just need a short time to set up before your event, and then we disappear afterwards, like the bubbles, leaving no trace!

Our prices vary according to the length of the show, and distance travelled, so it is difficult to quote exact prices.  But, if you fancy something different at your Bar Mitzvah celebration, consider bubble entertainment for Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, and give our friendly bubble experts a call, to get a tailored quote for your exact needs.