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Bubble Entertainment

Bubble Entertainment

7th February 2022

We’ve just got back from a bubble entertainment consisting of children’s workshops and a school display at a special educational needs school around 50 miles away from our base in Manchester, UK.  This was an all inclusive bubble entertainment which incorporated many elements of our smaller bubble activities. 

We set up the bubble making sticks and bubble ’juice’ in the assembly hall and the children enjoyed firstly a colourful bubble show, including our KIB (Kids in a Bubble) with lots of fun facts about soap bubbles thrown in; answering questions such as how they are made, why they are spherical, why they float, what’s in the ’juice’ and demonstrations around the properties of bubbles, with lots of bubble tricks, such as square bubbles, smoke filled bubbles, of course with loads of audience participation, and bubble based activities and jokes!

Then we moved into the school playground for much larger outdoor bubble entertainments, chasing bubbles, making bubble ’lines’, popping bubbles, which involved lots of running around, and laughter!  If you are looking for bubble entertainment for small or large groups, this can be tailored to suit. 

Our children’s show consists of many smaller elements of our larger shows, as well as more close-up bubble activities with individual children, where we can spend 10 minutes with one child if necessary.  If children can experience big bubbles close-up, the expressions of wonder and delight brought about by bubble entertainment are a pleasure in itself.  Inclusiveness is what bubbles are all about - children of all mobilities enjoy bubbles - you just organise the activity to suit them personally.

So whether our bubble tricks and entertainment is in a corner with one child or to entertain 200 children - we can make it totally special and unique for them!

Contact us to see what bubble entertainment would suit your group whether it is a school, playgroup or childrens nursery.  Bubble entertainment suits all kinds of gatherings, large and small, for weddings, public events, right down to a children’s party for 10.  We are happy to quote prices to suit.  

There are lots of detailed packages for schools, contact us to have a chat, or see what we can offer for you, for a price that can be flexible to suit your budget.