Bar Mitzvah Party Ideas

Want a slightly ’different’ Bar Mitzvah Party?

When everyone else you know has had a Bar or Bat Mitzvah party, it can be great to find something ’different’ to entertain lots of young guests (and also the adults too!).  Getting together with other Synagogue members for a huge Bar or Bat Mitzvah party?  Bubble entertainment is great for those looking for unusual Bar Mitzvah party ideas to make your Bar Mitzvah Party go with a million shimmering ’pops’! 

Would you like to make your Bar Mitzvah party a memorable occasion?

Wondering how to amaze and entertain your guests?  Come, have a chat with Paris Bubbles!  Our Bubbleologists are happy to talk to you and explain what we do to make any Bar Mitzah party (or in fact any party) extra special.  To do this, we can offer a mix of different types of bubbles for your Bar Mitzvah party, large and small, with a huge choice of party ideas from our shows to suit, such as:

      • Giant outdoor soap bubble display to welcome your guests to the Bar Mitzvah
      • Giant bubbles, long bubble tubes, hundreds of smaller bubbles to pop, foam and smoke bubbles - From 30 minutes to one hour per session. Suitable for all ages.
      • Bubble making Workshops for quiet periods during the party
      • Blowing your own bubble (indoors) 45-60 minutes 30 children max
      • Giant bubble fun (outdoors) 45-60 minutes 30 children max
      • How to make bubbles with your hands (indoors) 45-60 minutes 20 children max
      • KIB (kid in a bubble) – Putting everyone inside a soap bubble (indoors) plus soap bubble sculpture (cube, carousel, chain etc.) – Approximately 60 children per hour. Suitable for all ages - and this is really exciting and makes for fabulous personal pictures!
      • Elements from our GLOW Events & Light Trails will welcome your guests into the festivities - making for a stunning and unique evening that promises to be tremendous fun putting everyone in the mood for your Bar Mitzvah party!

So if you want some new Bar Mitzvah Party ideas - choose Bubbles!!

Anywhere in the world, our Bubble experts are here to make your occasion extra special.  We first started to develop our shows in Paris and now offer bubble displays to suit any event, theatre shows (in many languages), as well as workshops and educational shows in schools. So whether you are celebrating your birthday or wedding, anniversary or any event public or private, a Bat or Bar Mitzvah, whether your event is public or private, bubble shows create magical memories and leave your guests gasping with amazement!

Paris Bubbles offer fun options for your Bar Mitzvah Party

Bubbles just bring that extra magic to your party!  There are many facets to our performances that are perfect for large and small groups, for different age groups, indoors or outdoors, in small venues and spacious event locations.  We can work our bubble magic in private homes, in commercial halls, Synagogue premises or hotels.  We can entertain your guests as they sit at their tables, or we can organise an exciting bubble display to welcome them into the Bar Mitavah venue. The bubble shows comprise different elements from our shows which take place all over the World.  We can in fact travel to any destination to provide a bubble show in any language.  So if you are stuck for Bar Mitzvah Party ideas, just get in touch with details of your guests and your venue, and we can devise a tailored bubble entertainment for your exact needs, whether it is bubbles with music, lights, sounds, or a quiet and beautiful spray of bubbles behind your family photographs. 

Bubble Shows at Bar Mitzvahs are Easy To Arrange

So bubble shows are a growing option among people looking for more Bar Mitzvah Party ideas.  Bubble entertainment at parties needs very little time to set up, very little organisation from the hosts, apart from a small area for us to park and get out our equipment; it leaves no mess and is an eco-friendly show.  Bubbles make an amazing backdrop for photos, provide interactive entertainment for small or large groups, and we can work individually with people with special needs if required.  As well as Bar Mizvah parties, we offer bubbles for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and corporate events.  Call the Bubble Team to see what we can offer you!