A Bubble Entertainment

Been to a Bubble Entertainment Lately?

Bubble entertainment is becoming increasingly popular.  What other entertainment can you get that mingles music, tricks, sensory lights, incredible soap bubbles, smoke, and excitement, indoors or out? 

Where else can you get a physical entertainment that delights both old and young with a multicoloured display that changes within seconds? Paris Bubbles was formed in Paris, trailblazing the Science of soap bubble Art!  But bubbles are not all we create. We make memories - happy memories - too!

We offer a worldwide entertainment, in numerous languages.  We also offer bubble workshops, for schools, hands-on science lessons based on the properties of bubbles, unique wedding entertainment and festival attractions that always draw a huge crowd of enthralled observers.  We can wander through your crowd, blowing streams of bubbles

Our bubble displays can be modified easily to whatever group you wish to entertain.  Small groups or large, or huge theatre shows, personal bubbles for someone with special needs, an exciting tricks demonstration and hands-on experience for school children, getting all the kids into a bubble. Of course, we can explain all the Science involved in a bubble entertainment, explaining about soap bubble making, turning a joyful and fun event into a Chemistry lesson the kids experience without even realising it! 

Bubble Magic for Everyone

We offer a STEAM based show which consists of sensory workshops for schools or bubble entertainment shows for festivals, from halls holding thousands, to small theatre or show stalls.  Bubble entertainment can also pep up your corporate event, luring new people along to your corner of the convention.  Our bubble entertainers can even incorporate your business logo into the bubble display!

A bubble entertainment is also perfect for weddings, Christenings, or anniversaries. Making memorable photos, having quiet activities for the children apart from the main dancing, or during a pause while you are waiting for the next part of the event to start.  

After you have enjoyed an amazing bubble entertainment many people fancy making their own bubbles.  If you would like to repeat the experience at home, have a look at our Shop, where you can purchase the bubble concentrate and many of the tools we use in our show to create giant bubbles, foamer, bubble trumpet and tristring, to have a go for yourself. 

If you would like to enjoy a bubble entertainment for any group, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our performers here.  Prices vary depending on the distance travelled, but we strive to give you the best price for your bubble entertainment!  If we have several shows in one area, the travel costs can be reduced.  

Bubble entertainment causes no harm to the environment and lift the spirits of any event.  Call our bubble creators to provide bubbles for Faith gatherings, family parties, anniveraries, and even, just lately, funerals.  Bubbles can remind us of how fragile life is, how beautiful, how transient, in the Eternal scheme of everything.  How appropriate, even at the end of life, to remind your family that the Spirit rises into the air to go to a better place, and allow your family, children and adults, to release their own memorial bubbles.